Hadoopsters is Moving to Medium.com

For nearly 7 years, I’ve been writing Big Data and Data Engineering tutorials for Hadoop, Spark, and beyond – and I’ve been doing it on a website I created with my friends and co-workers – this website – Hadoopsters.com

A peek at our analytics from the year level.

In 2021, our biggest year yet, we saw over 47,000 unique visitors, and served nearly 62,000 views. Since the site launched 2,430 days ago, we’ve helped over 189,000 visitors, and served just over a quarter-million views (and we never ran ads). 

We created Hadoopsters out of the love of sharing knowledge, and a passion for filling documentation gaps in what we knew would be an explosive new career path for many: Data Engineering! In the early days of Hadoop, my peers and I recognized the significant gap in documentation for solving some of the most frustrating technical problems – and we wanted to help solve it.

Hadoopsters as a website has been a WordPress blog this entire time… until now! We have officially moved to Medium.com as a Medium Publication. 

Introducing, the new Hadoopsters.com!

So, why did we do this?

Firstly, economics. Hosting a website all on our own (via WordPress) is just not worth the expense – especially since we choose not to run advertising. Moving to Medium allows us to have effectively zero hosting expense, and we only pay a small amount annually to keep our domain mapped to Medium.

Secondly, distribution. The Medium platform presents an excellent opportunity to circulate our work in the go-to place for tech writing. It has built-in distribution through its article recommendation engine, and it has quickly become the go-to place for tech writing. This allows our work to reach a much broader audience, organically, and without the need for intentional marketing (again, more money) to drive people to our specific website.

I am extremely excited about reaching more Data Engineers and Data Scientists through knowledge sharing, and making the data world an even more well-documented place.

If you wish to follow my writing, all of it will continue to be through Hadoopsters – just now on Medium. 🙂 

Thank you to everyone who has read and leveraged our work through this website. We hope to make an impact on your work and career for years to come. Be well!


Hadoopsters.com now fully routes to our Medium publication. Our legacy website (this one), which has now reverted to hadoopsters.wordpress.com, will live on as long as WordPress will continue to serve it. We’ve migrated over (cloned) select historical articles from this site to Medium, but every article ever written here will remain here. All new content will be produced exclusively on Medium.

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